Our Mission

    To provide an affordable solution to resolving differences based on arbitrary written opinions between parties that are entitled to utilize the (Appraisal Clause option as defined in Automobile Insurance Polices).

    To provide the motoring public and insurers’ access credible trained Umpire’s as an alternative to using the Judicial process.  
Our Goals

    To achieve a fair and balanced system for use by automotive appraisers with a need to resolve their value differences on disputed claims for value.

Auto Insurance Claims Mediators Associates are seasoned appraisers who must adhere to their association code of ethics, mediation rules and sound business practices as set forth in their local, regional and national jurisdictions 

Our Premise

    The Auto Mediators Association is a natural progression of the IAAA (International  Automotive Appraisers Association) to provide the automotive mediation/arbitration structure by which credible automotive appraisers can fulfill the requirements established by the appraisal clause portion of each defined automotive  insurance policy.