Membership Requirement Criteria

    The Auto  Mediators Association requires all Auto Mediators Association applicants to be  licensed, recognized and acknowledged as an automotive appraiser.


IAAA Minimum  Licensing Requirements include:
    Federal, State or Local Government Incorporation, LLC, or  registered as a Self Proprietor or a Partnership business. Other Licenses that appraisers can work under (or for) are  companies that have State Dealer licenses, Restoration Facility licenses or Insurance  Company licenses.


AMA Appraiser  Umpire Requirements (As defined in the “Appraisal Clause” that is stipulated in Automobile  Insurance Policies)

The Auto  Mediators Association members must be Automotive Appraisers who are certified  (by a recognized appraisal association, which identifies them as Automotive  Appraisers with no less than five years experience as an appraiser and have  successfully completed those programs to have attained qualified appraiser  status).


Requirements  For Uncertified Appraisers: 
    Uncertified  appraisers are required to provide proof that they are recognized as an  Automotive Appraiser for no less that 8 years and can fulfill all other  Auto Mediators Association requirements.

Limited  Associate Membership:

    The Auto  Mediators Association associates are used for non-auto-insurance claims  mediation as requested and agreed-upon to resolve other types of automotive  disputes.


Limited  Associate Membership Requirements: 
    The Auto  Mediators Association offers associate memberships that include professionals  who have gained automotive expertise from working in the automobile industry,  automotive oriented individuals from the legal community along with the  automotive business industry personnel that are deemed acceptable by the Auto Mediators  Association on a case-by-case basis.

Auto  Mediation Training:

    Each  member of The Auto Mediators Association must complete and pass the prescribed  organization mediation procedures and ethics courses.


Members  Vow: 
    Each  Auto Mediators Association associate must vow to remain unbiased in each and  every proceeding, follow the guidelines set forth under the Appraisal Clause  and uphold each and every arbitration rule prescribed by the Auto Mediators  Association.

Auto Mediators Association reserves the right  to deny membership at its discretion.