Auto Insurance Claims Mediators Terms and Conditions

Conference Appointment:

The Umpire will be the party who will provide an ideal time and date to hold the Appraisal Clause/Arbitration hearing. The Auto Mediators Appraisal Clause/Arbitration hearing takes place via conference call. Onsite Appraisal Clause/Arbitration hearings (if applicable) carry additional fees for time, travel and expenses and must be arranged and requested in writing in advance of the selection process.

Mediation Regulations:

Each appraiser is required to provide the original complete copy of the appraisal in dispute, (the actual exact copy of the disputed, appraisal or estimate without exception). Appraisal documents should be sent by one of two methods; by email with digital photos, sent to the AMA Mediation Administrator at; by hard copy, which should be mailed via USPS. Appraisal documents without photos are only acceptable when original appraisals didn’t include photos and the umpire allows it. Each appraiser must provide an appraisal allowing ample time for the umpire to review them.

Appraisal Clause Hearing Procedures:

The Appraisal Clause/Arbitration hearing should take approximately one hour (30 minutes per side) unless prior arrangements are made with the umpire. Appraisers will be given up to one half hour each to state their case, explain their appraisals or estimates and discuss their findings. A reasonable time will be given to each side for a rebuttal.

Umpires Declaration:

The Umpire agrees to fulfill the requirements as stated in the Auto Insurance Claims Mediators Terms and Conditions. The Umpire’s declared award would be made final upon receiving a signed arbitration award settlement of agreement by either or both appraisers.

Umpires Fee Inclusions:

The Umpire fee includes: review of documents and photos and a one-hour Appraisal Clause hearing in a three way teleconference report of the decision made in the form of the final award agreement and any supporting documentation deemed pertinent will be mailed to you and the contact represented as the insured and insurance company official via USPS.

Administrators' Email: